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At Southern Roots Lawn Spray, we focus on lasting solutions for your lawn. If you have noticed your grass looking sparse or lacking in that rich greenness, we help by getting to the root of the problem...literally. Our specialists perform full-service lawn health and turf management services that includes lawn overseeding, turf and landscape fertilization treatments, and core aeration services.

Servicing both commercial and residential clients, we're more than equipped to help you achieve the healthy, vibrant outdoor space you've always wanted. Whatever you need to keep your lawn looking beautiful, we're here for you.

lawn overseeding

Fewer things are more unsightly than seeing sparse areas in your grass but with our help, we can deliver a solution! With our overseeding services, our experts apply grass seeds to fill in bare spots without disruption to your turf! This is the most effective and non-invasise way to add depth and fullness to your grass with just one visit!

core aeration

If you're unfamiliar with the process, core aeration services are performed with a lawn aerator garden tool which creates holes in soil. For concentrated lawns, this service helps to improve soil drainage and releases oxygen to increase overall lawn health.

Landscape Fertilization

One of the key components to having a lush landscape is not just the obvious work that goes into it----it's what's going on below the dirt. Pesky weeds and bugs can wreak havoc on those stunning plants but with our landscape fertilization spray treatments, we can help prevent that!

Turf Fertilization

Just like your landscaping details, your turf requires fertilization treatments to maintain that flawless, manicured look. These treatments not only prevent the growth of weeds but also restore your lawn with the vital nutrients it needs to thrive.